Eclipse Day – Safety Tips

Montgomery County Schools will be closed on Monday, August 21st as transportation schedules overlap with the timing of the solar eclipse. All students will be given solar viewing glasses.

Please be safe, have fun and protect your eyes. You should never look at the sun with sunglasses. They will not protect you, according to Dr. Connie White, Senior Deputy Commissioner for the Kentucky Department for Public Health.

It is important to note that in Montgomery County, the partial eclipse will increase for about an hour before decreasing. It will never be safe to look at the partial eclipse without special eye protection. While eclipse viewing information states that during the few moments of the total eclipse you may look at it without any eye protection, that will only occur in Western Kentucky. There will never be a time in Montgomery County where it will be safe to look at the sun, even if it is almost totally blocked by the moon.

Also, while outside and following safe viewing guidelines, don’t forget your sunscreen. As the entire eclipse process will last for more than two hours, be sure to protect your skin along with your eyes.

The following safety tips will help ensure your eclipse viewing is safe and enjoyable:
• Don’t look at the sun, including once the eclipse has started.
• Use eclipse glasses made with special filters to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays. Sunglasses should not be substituted.
• Do not look at the partial eclipse through an unfiltered camera, telescope or binoculars. This includes while wearing special eclipse glasses, as the rays can be concentrated by these devices.
• You can have fun during the eclipse by using projection. Place a pinhole in a piece of cardboard and project the eclipse onto another piece of white cardboard. Hold it about 2 feet away and you can see the shadow of the moon passing over the round image of the sun.

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