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Winter Weather Public Health Advisory Ebola Information- What you should know. Colorectal Cancer Heart Safe Community
Winter Weather Public Health Advisory With the winter storm forecasted for today (Monday, February 16, 2017) and the cold temperatures forecasted for this week, there is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning from improper use of alternative heating sources to heat homes.
Ebola Information- What you should know. Due to recent developments with a few health care workers in the United States contracting the Ebola virus many individuals have become concerned about infection risk involving this virus.  
Colorectal Cancer Free Colorectal Screenings will soon be offered to those who qualify. If you’re 50+ talk to your physician about screening!
Heart Safe Community The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services and the Department for Public Health (DPH) announced today that Montgomery County is the next Kentucky county to earn the designation HeartSafe Community, an honor set aside for communities that have met criteria to better respond to cardiac arrests.

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The Kentucky Cancer Program (KCP), working with District Cancer Councils, is launching our annual statewide public awareness campaign about colon cancer, the second leading cause of cancer deaths in Kentucky.  March is National Colon Cancer Awareness Month and plans are underway to turn KY towns blue in observance of Dress in Blue Day on Friday, March 6th and throughout the month of March.

Crit Luallen, Lieutenant Governor and colon cancer survivor, will serve as the Dress in Blue Day Chair for Kentucky.

We are asking businesses, churches, schools and many other local organizations to join this effort. All materials are free, while supplies last, and may be obtained by contacting your local KCP office.

Following are some of the many ways you may choose to participate:

▪ Encourage staff to wear blue on March 6th or a special event during March ▪ Designate March 6th (or the date of your special event) as a casual dress day, if staff wears blue ▪ Hang posters and flyers (samples enclosed) ▪ Distribute screening messages to employees and/or clients (sample enclosed) ▪ Hang a blue ribbon on your door/window ▪ Download the screening materials from our web site: http://www.kcp.uky.edu/community/tccop/toolkit.php and post them on your web site or email them to staff/clients ▪ Request a presentation about colon cancer screening

I encourage you to join cancer prevention and control partners across the state in finding opportunities to distribute these materials and show your support. If we all work together, we can reduce the nearly 900 colon cancer deaths that occur in Kentucky each year.

Become a Blue Star Champion and tell us about your efforts to promote this program.  Send us photos of your special events and tell us what you did.

For more information about this program and any other cancer or survivor services, please call and we will be pleased to assist you.


Trina Winter MPH

Cancer Control Specialist

Kentucky Cancer Program

Buffalo Trace and Gateway Districts

phone: (606)301-9234


Warming Center on Standby

Due to forecasted dangerously cold temperatures, Montgomery County Emergency Management will be activating a warming center at the Montgomery County Civic Center located on East Locust Street in Mt. Sterling beginning at 7:00 PM Wednesday.  If anyone is needing assistance with transportation to the warming center, please call the Montgomery County 911 Center at 859-498-8720.


Healthy Herp Handling

Healthy reptiles and amphibians may carry Salmonella germs, which can make people sick.  But there’s good news!  You can help keep yourself healthy around your pet reptiles and amphibian.s
A most important Rule:

  • Always wash your hand thoroughly after handling reptiles and amphibians, and anything in the area where they live or roam such as their food or equipment.

There’s no Place like Home

  • Keep your reptiles and amphibians in a  habitat designed especially for them.  Don’t let them roam around the home.

Outta the Kitchen

  • Keep your reptiles and amphibians and their equipment out  of the kitchen or anywhere food is prepared or served.

No Nuzzling or Kissing

  • That’s a no-no…you can get germs this way.

Protect the Innocent

  • Reptiles and amphibians are not recommended for children under the age of five.

Follow these safe handling steps and enjoy your pets.  www.pijac.org     Pet Industry Advisory Council


Kentucky Governor’s Office of Early Childhood

Friends of Early Childhood,
Parents, families and caregivers can help their children arrive at kindergarten ready to grow, ready to learn and ready to succeed by doing simple, every-day tasks and activities.
The KYGOEC’s Monthly Message series covers information and ideas on how to help children develop in their earliest years.
This month, we talk about your baby’s growing brain. Click the link below to view and share the message online or download the document.
Thank you for taking the time share the monthly message from The Governor’s Office of Early Childhood and the Early Childhood Advisory Council.
Terry Tolan
Governor’s Office of Early Childhood

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