Sunday, April 20, 2014

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BE PREPARED FOR SPRING WEATHER Heart Safe Community Break the Habit in 2014
BE PREPARED FOR SPRING WEATHER With warmer temperatures approaching, Spring always brings the threat of Tornado activity in the Commonwealth.  Being prepared to deal with violent weather will keep your  family safe when threatening storms approach.  The rule of thumb is “72 Hours”.
Heart Safe Community The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services and the Department for Public Health (DPH) announced today that Montgomery County is the next Kentucky county to earn the designation HeartSafe Community, an honor set aside for communities that have met criteria to better respond to cardiac arrests.
Break the Habit in 2014 If your New Year’s resolution is to remove tobacco from your life, the Montgomery County Health Department has a free program that can help. Beginning Tuesday, April 22nd, the health department will offer the Cooper Clayton Method to Stop Smoking, a 12-week program to help people quit.

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Kynect: Kentucky’s Healthcare Connection

Kynect makes it easy to find health insurance for you, your family or your business.  Kynect is an unbiased online service, similar to the kind you use to buy airline tickets or book a hotel.  Kynect allows you to compare and select insurance plans.  Click here to visit kynect.

Americans who’ve started applying for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act but can’t complete the process by the March 31 enrollment deadline will be given an extension.

The Obama administration announced the extension Tuesday evening, March 25th, partly out of concern that the federal registration website,, could become overwhelmed as last-minute registrants scrambled to meet the original March 31 deadline or face a penalty in the form of a tax, the Washington Post reported.

To qualify for the extension, people simply check a blue box on the website indicating that they’d tried to sign up for insurance before the deadline. This method will be based on the honor system, the Post reported.


Bat Proof Your House

State Environmentalist have reported that Bats in public schools have been a significant challenge in Kentucky this year.  It is always important to remember the following rules if you encounter a bat.

  • Never touch a bat.  Bats can have rabies.

You can’t tell by looking!

  • Bats are shy animals that avoid human contact.
  • Any bat can have rabies, a deadly disease.
  • You could get rabies from a bat bite.
  • If you get bitten by a bat, wash the wound with soap and see a doctor.

Keep bats out of your home:

  • Ask your parents to bat proof your home
  • If you find a bat in your home, call the Health Department

If you can touch a bat, don’t!

  • We need bats so don’t hurt them.
  • A bat that lets you touch it may be sick.
  • If you see a bat, do not touch it.
  • Call an adult for help.

Health and Physical Well-Being

As supporters of early childhood, we believe that Kentucky must provide families with the right tools so every child in every community arrives at kindergarten ready to grow, ready to learn and ready to succeed. Our goal for the monthly message is to speak with one voice and offer resources for families and communities.  Click on this link for the interactive August newsletter.   For more information go to


Free Breastfeeding Class

For Expecting Moms (and Dads!)

Breastfeeding 411 covers newborn baby behavior, how breastfeeding works, managing challenges in the early weeks, and pumping and storing mother’s milk.  It is taught by Regina Harrison, MS, RD, LD and certified Lactation Consultant with the Montgomery County Health Department.

For more information call Regina at

(859) 497-2410

For more information about breastfeeding visit the Kentucky Department of Public Health


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Important: The Montgomery County Health Department often works behind the scenes to promote and protect the public’s health.  This website highlights health department services, health information and important links to our other public health partners.